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Consonance 2013 PR#2 - Message from the Chairman

Wow - it's only FIVE weeks until Consonance! While the concom is zipping around making things happen behind the scenes, there are things *you* may want to do:

1. Pre-register - it saves you money and keeps us from lying awake nights wondering if people are coming to the con. We've extended the current pricing through *February* 15th. Just send a check to:

Fanfare Music
c/o James D. Robinson
1448 Carlson Blvd.
Richmond CA 94804

2. Make your hotel reservations. We're at a new/old hotel, the Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley, this year - it's not the hotel we've used the past couple years; it's the one before that. They're eager to see us back, and it's a great location. There's an online reservations link on the website at , or you can follow this link: Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley Reservations.

3. If you'd like to do a concert, theme circle, workshop, or other program item, there's still time - but don't delay! Contact our Program Director, Lara, at

I'm looking forward to seeing you all the first weekend in March - friends, fun, and fantastic music!

--Victor Stevko, Chairman of Consonance
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Greetings All!

Consonance 2013 starts in just 6 weeks.
March 1-3, 2013

Join us and our fabulous guests for a fun filled and entertaining weekend.

Guest of Honor: Ookla the Mok
Interfilk Guest: Merav Hoffman
Toastmaster: Scott Snyder
International Guest: "Downtown" Freddy Brown

To help you past the post holiday slump, we are maintaining our pre-reg rate of $50 for a full 3 day membership until February 15, 2013!

At the Con rates are:

$55 Full 3 Day

$20 Friday All Day
$30 Saturday All Day
$20 Saturday Evening Only
$20 Sunday All Day

If you haven't already done so, book your travel & hotel now!

We have a New/Old hotel! Consonance is returning to the

Crowne Plaza San Jose/Silicon Valley Hotel

Near the shopping center full of great Asian foods and a short hop from the other shopping center with several familiar chain restaurants.

Deadline to get the Consonance hotel rates is February 14, 2013.

Full details, at our website:
Website will be updated with the Membership extension next week.

Hope to see you all in 6 weeks.

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Pick your preferred viewing site.

Feel free to tag folks you know have accounts/pages on Facebook.


Hugo Reception:


Post Hugo Awards:


Note: Flickr is where you can find high resolution versions and prints are available.

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Hey my birthday falls on a weekend this year.

Therefore we (Chris and I) have decided that I get the public celebration this year.

We're going to The Northern California Renaissance Faire ( ) located at Casa de Fruta, just off highway 152, near Hollister CA, east of Gilroy.
( )

Everybody is welcome to join us at the Faire on Saturday, September 29, 2012.

We are planing to arrive around 10:30am

Note: There is a fee to attend the Faire, but there are usually coupons to be found.
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Originally posted by [ profile] ladycelia at Josie's Vet Bill, aka I really won the neighbor lottery
This is from a friends only post I made a couple of days ago:
Lloyd is good people. I knew that. But yet another example: I went down to his house tonight to thank him for mowing my field (it's not done, but it's mostly done, and anything helps). Anyway, on his porch were Hershey and Duke, and a new pup, little thing, docked tail, cute as a button, cheerful as all get out, and spinning around on her butt because she was so excited that I was there. Her back legs don't work right. And the reason they don't work right, and the reason that her tail is docked, is because Lloyd hit her with a car down by the lake, nearly amputating her tail and damaging her hind legs. Most folks around here, if they bothered to do anything at all beyond driving away, might kill the pup. He took her to the vet. Tail had to come off, and legs are gimpy but kind of work (they're weak, and she can walk on them, just not for long and not really well). But she's chipper as hell, and the damage isn't stopping her from being a happy puppy who is playing with Duke, greeting me on the porch, and following Lloyd around like he's her personal God.

Good people.

These are some photos of Josie this afternoon. She's a wiggly little thing, and she likes people, so getting her to hold still isn't easy. But you can see the lost tail, and that her hind legs don't work the way they're supposed to, especially the right rear. She can walk, but she loses control of the right rear leg, and after a very short while she just drags it. Lloyd doesn't know I'm doing this. But if you can see your way clear to help out a little, it would be greatly appreciated. I know he spent $100 on the tail amputation. He's retired military, mows lawns and cleans up his son's bar to help pay the bills (Ruth, his wife, has ongoing major medical expenses, so money never goes very far). And even so, he comes up here and helps me around my place, took in Alan and Jeff and let them live in his camper until they could get a place, and of course, took in an abandoned pup that he'd hit with his car and got her medical care and gave her a home. When I asked her what kind of dog he thought she is, he responded "Hunting dog. She's got some Blue Tick in her. When she's well, she'll be a good hunting dog." He's an optimist, that man. Anyway, here are some photos of Josie (and one with Duke), and a pic of Lloyd helping me build my chicken coop.





If you can see your way clear to send a couple of bucks his way, I'll see to it that he gets it all to cover the vet bills. Thanks.

ETA: Karen reports that more then enough to cover Josie's vets bills has been raised.

There are other folks and animals in need that you can donate to instead.

Thank you all who donated.

New job!

Jul. 31st, 2012 02:29 pm
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Great News!

Yesterday I received a verbal offer from Cisco for a position in the Ironport division.

Today I received the official offer letter, accepted it online and have already completed the first way of New Hire forms.

My start date is August 13
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Consonance 2013 - The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention, is pleased to announce a new/old location and dates for 2013.

Come join us and our Guests:

Guests of Honor: Ookla the Mok West
Rand Bellavia, Adam English and Luis Garcia
Interfilk Guest: Merav Hoffman
Toastmaster: Scott Snyder
International Guest: To be Announced

At the the Crowne Plaza San Jose/Silicon Valley in Milpitas.
Which will be he home of Consonance 2013 to be held the first full weekend of March,
March 1-3, 2013.

We'll be using the same function space and Consuite as in the past.

Room rates:
Standard rooms: $89 (with full breakfast buffet for 1)
Standard rooms: $99 (with full breakfast buffet for 2).
Mini-suites: $119 (with full breakfast buffet for 1)
Mini-suites: $129 (with full breakfast buffet for 2).

Free Parking
Free internet in the sleeping rooms & lounge areas.
10% discount on published food & beverage prices.
Heated outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.

From November to mid-February, the whole hotel will be remodeled, and there are new "Perfect Sleeper" mattresses in every room.

To make a reservation, you need to call the hotel directly and request the Consonance rate.
National code and direct reservation link coming soon.

Consonance Web site:
Consonance Hotel page:
Hotel page:
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Yep, I'm talking about next year already.

Baycon has announced 3 of it's Guests of Honor for 2013.

Writer Guest of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold

Fan Guests of Honor: Chris and John O'Halloran

That's right! US!!!

To say we were stunned when asked, is an understatement.
And the applause after the announcement, humbling.
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Wadaiko Newark presents

"Let There Be Dragons"
Sunday, March 25, 2012 -- 2 p.m.
Sunday, April 1, 2012 -- 6 p.m.
Full Stage Show
Both shows will take place at
Mac Gregor Center
35753 Cedar Boulevard
Newark, CA

Chris and I can relay requests for tickets.

The March 25 show is almost "sold out", so let us know by Sat morning. Lots of tickets available for the April 1st show (no fooling).
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Thank you all for your support and leads this week.

But for this weekend I'm going to be mostly silent,
as I'm the Stage Manager for Consonance.

I will return to processing leads and flinging resumes on Monday.
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The schedule for the weekend has been posted. Workshops, concerts and Open Circles, OH MY!

You can still call the hotel and make a reservation at the convention rate. Just $75 a night, plus tax.
eta: Sorry I was incorrect about this at the time of the original post.
The hotel still has rooms available, but at their usual rates. Please tell them at check-in that you there for Consonance, so you count towards our room block. Also, ask about any discounts that are available.

The Consuite will be open Thursday evening, but not stocked. The exact time is up to your Consuite hosts.

Consonance needs your help! There will be a fund raising auction, so that Consonance can continue have International Guests of Honor.

As usual find more details at:
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On the good news front...

Wadaiko Newark was awarded an Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

This particular Blue Ribbon was voted on by the kids who attended the Friday Education Day on the Friday of Maker Faire weekend.

Full list of Blue Ribbon winners is at:
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I already posted bits and pieces, but to make sure all my friends know, here is the full (if brief) story.

On Monday I got the call: "You position has been eliminated. You have until March 28 to find another position within IBM or you will be let go."

News reports say there were "hundreds" impacted. Personally I only know that almost all of my group got the same call. So the chances of finding another position in IBM are small.

I spent yesterday and today at RSA making contacts. Hopefully they will lead to interviews.

So if anyone knows of a position for a Unix Messaging Expert, Unix System Admin or similar/related jobs, please let me know.

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I have until Mar 28th to find a new position at IBM.
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Kendra-N-Tom's Wedding photo set posted to Flickr.

New Link:

I had to re-upload the set after LR4 remotely deleted it.
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My pics of Avalon Rising performing at Pantheacon have been published.

Pick your flavor of web service:

Flickr: Full Rez & Large size
Facebook: Low Rez & Small size
Picasa: Low Rez & Small size

All 3 sets should be viewable by all. Please let know if you have any issues seeing the photos.
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Kendra-N-Tom Wedding 1/7/2012

Full set of 77 images.

Facebook (Low Res):
Has duplicates of original 10 images posted

Picasaweb (Low Res):

Flickr (High Res):
New Link:

I had to re-upload the set after LR4 remotely deleted it.
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The San Francisco Bay Bridge westbound will be closed this weekend.
Friday, Feb 17, 8pm until Tuesday, Feb 21, 5am.
See for details
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Early Valentine's dinner at Horatio's in San Leandro. Yummy 3 course meal, with my beautiful wife.
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#w00tstock is in SF this weekend. It's a good time to post my photos of the 2010 show.
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